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I design websites for fun, and if I make a few bucks doing it, even better. I'm off and on into photography and the computer manipulation of same but now am more into Ham radio since getting my license.

Of course, being retired, I generally do what I want, when I want, the way I want … yeah, it's pretty nice.


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Custom Upholstery

This is a custom made website design I created for James Crowell's "Custom Upholstery" website. Visually it mimics the new Windows 10 inteface, and it follows the responsive design approach of re-flowing the content to accommodate the smaller screens on smartphones and tablets.

It uses currently standard slider, lightbox, and accordion components to display image and text content on the Home and Work pages.

Visit the Custom Upholstery by James Crowell Website

Gun Dog Kennels

Naturally, with an operation like Gun Dog Kennels, the emphasis is on the dogs, and, as with the original website, there isn't much textual content. As Rodger said, visitors want to see the dogs. So this design is heavy on the display of photos, starting with the home page which is made up entirely of one large photo.

This is a custom designed website created to adapt to the multiplicity of screen sizes ranging from desktop computers all the way down to smart phones. I used the Myriad Pro and the Myriad Pro Condensed fonts from Typekit in the headings, and linked to a Google map of their location on the contact page.

The photo gallery responds to swipe gestures on mobile devices and in addition to the photos, Marge and Rodger will be embedding videos from their YouTube channel, and posting additional photos and info when puppies and started dogs are available for sale.

Visit the Gun Dog Kennels Website

The Nautilus

Kathryn Mudgett, Associate Professor, Humanities, at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy is the Editor-in-Chief of the The Nautilus: A Maritime Journal of Literature, History, and Culture. It is, too quote “an annual peer-reviewed journal publishing scholarship on the literature, history, and culture of the sea”.

Together we produced this nautical themed one-page website which describes the journal, includes the ability to purchase subscriptions and back issues, and register for conferences.

This website design is a modified version of the Pixelstudio template from Theme Forest. This is a one-page site which scrolls to different sections via the menu, or simply scrolling with your mouse. This was all the space needed for a site like this. As you can see comparing the template preview and the live site at nautilus.maritime.edu, quite a bit was done to change the appearance.

Several graphic assets were purchased from iStockphoto.com, including the logo, anchor, and blue waves for the footer area. Only slight modifications to each were required to incorporate them into the site design.

To preserve the compactness of the site, “Reveal” modal windows by ZURB were used for the online subscription and back issue order forms, with the forms themselves the product of Wufoo online forms.

Hosting for the site is provided by me, though the site is still “attached” to the Academy through the use of a subdomain.

Finally, Typekit was used to provide the Garamond Premier Pro Display font used in the headings.

Visit The Nautilus Website

The Village Gun Store

This is a custom redesign based on the Twitter Bootstrap code foundation and follows my current responsive design practices and will therefore flow and resize to accommodate various devices and screen sizes. It uses a full screen background image that automatically scales the image to the size of the browser window. The antique landscape image used for the background was purchased from iStockphoto. The main title, and heading fonts are supplied by Typekit.

The animated graphics are HTML5 based and will display on Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) which do not support Flash based graphics.

Here is the list of tools used on this website:

Visit the Village Gun Store Website

NEK Catholic's Website

The website for NEKCatholic.com is a website for the combined parishes of St. John the Evangelist, St. Elizabeth, and Queen of Peace Catholic churches which are located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

This design is the most recent, as of May 2016 and features the newest trend in websites; responsive design. Responsive design enables the website to automatically reformat to fit various screen sizes, all the way down to smartphone screens. See for yourself by visiting the site on your iPhone or Android device.

The animations throughout the site incorporate the newest HTML5 and CSS3 coding techniques, which, unlike Adobe Flash based graphics, will render on iOS devices.

On this website I'm using the font Cronos Pro from my Typekit account for the headlines.

Visit the NEK Catholic Website

Enemies Foreign and Domestic

While reading Matt Brackens books I visited his website and noticed that it was straight out of the '90's.

I decided to make it a personal project and, using the Materialize responsive front-end framework and the existing content from his website, I put together a more organized, easier to navigate website with a fresh new look.

I then uploaded my new design into a subfolder on my website and emailed the link to Matt. I said if he liked it I would set it up and administer it for him if he wanted me too. Fortunately he agreed to both.

Visit Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Crowell Upholstery

If you visit this site you will notice that the content is pretty much the same as that of the Custom Upholstery website. That is because they are both for the same man.

Jim moved up from Massachusetts and wanted to maintain a website familiar to his many Massachusetts customers, whom he still serves, making the trip from northern New Hampshire.

I like to experiment with different methods and tools of web design and for this site I used Google Web Starter Kit. I also used the Sanvito Pro Display font from Typekit.

Visit Crowell Upholstery


This is a website I created for myself after I got my Ham radio license.

The underpinnigs or engine if you will, is based on a flat file, static site builder called Jekyll. The CSS grid system is from ZURB Foundation.The animated sine wave is by Dennis Jin The round dial clock is extracted from the Jekyll "Clean" theme and the UTC clock is an embedded element supplied by TimeAndDate.com And finally, the main menu buttons are by LukyVj on CSSDeck.

I used the Tenso font in the body and Museo Slab for the headingss, both from Typekit.

Visit the site at KC1ASD.com